Be Kind

Be Kind is an eco-conscious magazine that wants to make the world a better place for everyone. The intention of Be Kind is to make the world a better place and is unrivalled; focusing solely on issues such as the environment, sustainability, community and creativity. Our readers recognise the challenges we, as a planet, are facing and want to become involved. We advocate the small changes we can all make that will undoubtedly add up to a huge impact.

You can’t have missed the devastation caused by the Australian wildfires which has destroyed acres of land, ruined animal habitats and taken lives in the process. We were shocked, yet more aware than ever that climate change is here and happening, which is why our March issue is dedicated to this topic. Global temperatures are now at their highest since records began and something needs to be done. While it’s easy to feel helpless, we hope this issue brings you plenty of practical advice that’ll collectively help the planet. The future is in our hands.

  • Live a low-impact life
  • Get outdoors and boost your wellbeing
  • How to cut your plastic use
  • Encourage others to go green

This issue we’ve taken some time to get to know the people of the NHS…

  • Why our NHS is sacred
  • The people of the NHS - what service means to them
  • Healthcare comparison across the globe
  • Health on your plate
  • Climate change and our health