For the ethical and conscious consumer, Prime Impact creates digital magazines aimed at those who care.

Our titles – Be Kind, Plantbased, Vegan Life and OM Yoga – appeal to vast audiences that are all united with a moral mind-set. And, just like our readers, we too are fuelled by a purpose to change the world and make it a better place for everyone.

Eco-friendly practices are at the core of our company. Not only do they dictate how we run our business, but they also inform the message we put out into the world as we truly do practice what we preach. Our offices are run by ecotricity, lit by low energy led panels and the vast majority of our staff are either vegan or vegetarian (we’re working on the rest).

The synergy amongst our titles is what sets us apart from others – compassion is interwoven into all that we do. After taking the plunge and publishing Vegan Life, the first vegan title available on UK newsstands, we then set our targets on the other environmental issues by providing inspiration and knowledge within Be Kind. Of course, the link between veganism and easing the strain on the planet isn’t to go unnoticed. We offer guidance, tips and recipes to the person who has just turned vegan with Plantbased and advocate mindful and peaceful living with OM Yoga.

As a digital company, our content is available exclusively online therefore not only having the ability to reach a large global market, but also reducing our impact in the process as we’re paperless. We are constantly striving to help people live more ethical lifestyles and as a result of such, have established a loyal and kind community of followers.

Stay Mindful, Live Healthy & Be Kind,

The Prime Impact Team