Vegan Life

Vegan Life aims to encompass social, economic, ecological and political considerations to assist in bringing about a change in attitudes by encouraging the adoption of a plant-based diet. Readers of this title know that veganism is a lifestyle, extending far beyond just what you eat and is an emotionally-charged read covering all aspects of what being a vegan means. It has a cult following and must-read for passionate vegans.

If you’re looking to learn new skills whilst we’re in lockdown, turn to p62 to find out how to become more self-sufficient, and try your hand at Gaz Oakley’s tasty recipes We chat to the passionate vegan chef.

  • Avant Garde Vegan - Meet Gaz Oakley
  • Buddha Bowls
  • Become more self sufficient
  • Vegan Pregnancy
  • Running a Vegan Business

With increasing daylight hours, it seems that spring – the season of new life – is finally on its way. But, for many animals, Easter is a bleak time of year and can be a difficult period for vegans. We implore you to apply the same tactics you did at Christmas – buy vegan goodies, cook up a delicious Sunday seitan roast, and be patient with others.

  • 41 Vegan Recipe Ideas
  • Veganise Your Wardrobe
  • Create An Easter Feast
  • We Meet Singer Gabrielle Aplin
  • Animal Rescue In Bali